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Would you like to join the Achilleus Response Teams, Do You Have What We Are Looking For?

The current recruitment drive is now open for a limited time only and we are now Recruiting Response Team Members! Pay Rate For This Role is – £12.00 – £18.00 per hour Dependent on Venue & Specific Duties

Our current recruitment drive is NOW OPEN for a limited time only, and we are looking to recruit SIA Door Supervisors that are serious about doing the job, and feel that they have just what it takes to work in the SIA LICENSED RESPONSE TEAM OPERATIVES ROLE.


Achilleus Security Ltd Response Teams are teams of SIA Licensed Door Supervisors with enhanced training, skills, and the overall temperament to deal with the specific needs of this sometimes highly demanding role. Response Team operatives operate in sometimes varied roles, and in a lot of cases response team operatives fill the gap between the event and the police.  Duties may include:

  • Searching of people and locations
  • Crowd Management
  • Segregation of fans
  • Restraint & Physical Restraint
  • Ejection
  • Conflict Management


This role does come with added elements of personal risk, it can also be extremely demanding, but also rewarding. It also has the opportunity to be very varied in the roles and responsibilities. It is also highly probable that team members will be involved with highly emotional and emotive situations, and also dealing with high levels of aggression and possibly violence. So being able to keep a level head in a crisis or emotive situations is a must.

So it is vital that candidates that apply anyone that applies must be aware of that, as for some this role will not be suitable. We do offer additional training for this role, so the right candidate must be prepared to give time for enhanced training and to learn new skills.

Pay Rate For This Role is – £12.00 – £18.00 per hour Dependent on Venue & Specific Duties


If you think you have what it takes to take on this role, please apply using the link below, but please be aware that we don’t just hire anyone for this role as we must only give this position to those that have the mental and physical ability to take on this demanding role.

Please be aware that your application will be assessed specifically against all the aspects of what the role entails, as we only wish to take on those that as suitable for this specific role, as it really isn’t for everyone!

While Recruiting SIA Licensed Response Team Operatives we do need to inform you that you would need to attend specific training, this includes Control and Restraint Training, Risk Assessment Training,  Enhanced Conflict Management, CPR Training and Self Defence Training. But if you are chosen for this position, we will provide you with the training for this role.

Due to the nature of this position and role, we must warn you that there are strict conditions and selection process for this position, but if you think you have what we are looking for for this position, please click on the link below for details of how to apply.

Our response team members enjoy working at both inside and outside events and venues, throughout Greater London and the Home Counties area.


We fully understand the Security Industry and the needs of our team members, and as such we really don’t mind you working for other companies as long as people act professionally and meet their commitments with us that’s what is most important.


This industry is constantly evolving, and as such we must evolve with it, and for this role especially you must be prepared to enhance the skills you already have and learn a few more in the process.

Our team members must hold a Level 2 or level 3 NVQ (or equivalent) in Spectator Safety. But please don’t worry if you don’t currently hold this qualification, as we will be offering support, and training to the right candidates in obtaining this highly respectable industry must have qualification and in most cases it’s free.

Please be aware that we are a professional company, and we do have strict conditions to all of our positions, as we don’t hire just anyone! But if you are serious about the role and you meet the criteria, and if you feel that you have just what we are looking for then please CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to apply as we would love to hear from you.


We are a growing company, and as such there are great chances for advancement within the team for the right people that demonstrate the right qualities, and we are always looking for those that have what it takes to lead a team and represent the company in a senior capacity.


All Applicants for This Position Must Be:

  1. Hold a valid SIA Door Supervisors Licence
  2. Over 18
  3. Be fully prepared & able to work within the response team role (see above)
  4. Have a good command of the English Language both written and verbal
  5. Be able to provide
    a) Photographic proof of ID
    b) Proof of right to work within the UK
    c) Recent and relevant proofs of address
  6. Able to provide a 5-year minimum checkable history – Vital Requirement!
  7. Willing to work as part of a growing team
  8. Willing to enhance skills and learn new ones
  9. Be prepared to travel within the M25 area or further

Our Pay Rates For This Role Are:

£12.00 to £18.00 per hour for SIA Licensed Response Team Operatives – PAYE Only or Official Self Employed Welcome (with conditions)

Pay rates are dependent on venue, training, and exact duties. Please note that 100% of the assignments for this role offer a 5-hour minimum pay (call time) per shift.

So if you can answer yes to all of the above, what are you waiting for, Click The Button Below To Apply Today!

Best Regards

Achilleus Security Ltd Recruitment Team

So if you are looking for a Company in London that is Recruiting Response Team Operatives, and you are looking for a company that cares about its staff and the service they provide, then look no further than Achilleus Security & Stewarding.

Reference: – Recruiting Response Team Operatives Job Ad

Pay Rate For This Role is – £12.00 – £18.00 per hour Dependent on Venue & Specific Duties

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